Marcus Schwier works with Voigtländer cameras and  lenses

The freelancer works on both, commercial and artistic projects.

Concentrating on landscape and architectural photography. Schwier has balanced the artistic work in his studio in Düsseldorf with his global career.

On the one hand, he brings the highest standards to the images he shoots as a commercial photographer working on advertising concepts, brochures, and campaigns.


On the other hand, he doesn’t lose sight of his artistic ambitions and is always looking for new and surprisingly compelling shots. Such as at the press conference at the opening of Wim Wenders' photo exhibition of 80 large-format photographs and panoramic landscapes. (Taken with the Voigtländer VM 50 mm/ 1.5 Nokton F)



His project “nightshots,” begun using film photography, builds on his Academy experience of shooting long exposures that emphasize the phenomenon of the night itself more than the subjects of the shots.

Schwier explains that the nocturnal scene reduces an image to its barest meaning, since the most essential things are already lit; but almost as an afterthought, his long-exposure shots also succeed in bringing light into otherwise pitch-dark corners and niches, uncovering the strangeness of time and moment.


The perfect tool for implementation was the Bessa L  with the

15 mm F 4.5 Super Wide Heliar .