MFT-Lenses - nearly as fast as possible

Manufactured in proven Voigtländer quality - those lenses offer a very special highlight: a sensational speed of f/0.95.


Here you can achieve superb pictures even in difficult lighting conditions or at twilight. In addition 10 aperture blades ensure a wonderful bokeh. The extreme minimum distance in synergy with the minor focus range at open aperture offers the base for entirely new photographies.


Above all, also “filmers” will be thrilled by those lenses, as all Lenses can be switched to S.A.C.S., the selective aperture control system. For photography with clicks, for Video smooth – the best of both worlds!


You can creat a set of super fast lenses.


Voigtländer MFT Objektiv: 25mm F0,95 Nokton

25 mm / F0,95 Nokton aspherical II

10,5 mm / F 0,95 Nokton


Voigtländer MFT Objektiv: 10,5 mm F0,95 Nokton
Voigtländer MFT Objektiv: 42,5mm F0,95 Nokton

42,5mm / F0,95 Nokton

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