Peter Schön and Bessa III

Avalanche technician and researcher, ski guide, geologist - Peter Schön has several professions and has travelled, worked or lived in Austria, Canada, Japan, South America, Norway, Armenia and Georgia, constantly looking for new adventures and personals experiences.


His passion for photography started in the mountains. He is a passionate ski mountaineer, with several ski expeditions to 5000 – 7000 m peaks. Through photography, he hopes to capture the aura of the sport and the mountains.


In the mountains, he faces storms, cold, fear, success and failure.

To capture these aspects and convey emotions, black and white photography is his preferred medium. He has kept an affinity to analog photography and still works a lot with film.


“I am looking for the best ratio between weight of the camera and image quality. For a long time, I worked with 135 format rangefinders, but now I enjoy the advantages of medium format. The Bessa III has brought the advantages of the 135 format – compact bodies and fast operation – into the world of the 120 format.”

Pictures are made with Bessa III  in March 2014. Northern Norway, Nordfjellet (1000 m) and Store Kågtinden (1228 m) .

“Medium format and its large negatives have always drawn me – due to the details captured, combined with sharpness and a certain softness at the same time, the image rendering, and the easier work flow. For the longest times 135 format cameras were the better, more flexible tools for my photographic work. With the Besssa III, this has changed for the majority of my photo projects.”


His images are moving and fascinating. 2009 he won the Niamori International Mountain Film Festival in the category “Best Adventure Photo”. Other images were published in mountain and photography magazines, among the renowned alpine magazine Alpinist and four of his images won Merit Awards in the Black and White Magazine.


He is also working with great personal dedication on a long-term photo project about displaced people and refugees in the South Caucasus.



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