Toby Seifinger works with Voigtländer lenses

The images of Toby Seifinger capture more than a moment. They tell stories.


Focus of the work of Munich-born photographer are people and their activities. From parachutists during the jump to rockstars on stage and racecar drivers in their cars.


Under his direction a snapshot turns into an exceptional artwork which can be found in magazines as well as art catalogues or in galleries.


While his passion for photography arose from within he learned his skills at the „New York Institute of Photography“ (NYIP).


Toby Seifinger is driven by his urge for perfection – whether he is on location for a client or travelling the world for fun.


Meticulous planning, professional equipment, precise time management and expert post production are characteristic for his work and allow him to react flexibly even in challenging situations.


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Toby Seifinger

Toby Seifinger works with the VM 50 mm / F 1,1 Nokton and the VM 35 mm / F 1,2  und 1,4 Nokton


He values the speed of the Voigtänder lenses in low light situations and their sharpness and reliability.





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